Reasons why global environmental problems call for international cooperation among scientists

The environment is the refuge of human life. In this century, its meaningless degradation requires the most urgent attention of scientists from all fields. Many environmentalists and biodiversity conservationists like me believe that the development of effective strategies to prevent these harmful attitudes and activities of people requires a pluralistic and multidisciplinary approach.

Relying solely on a cutting-edge approach to science and technology to address global environmental threats will not do much good. This is mainly due to the multifaceted nature of global environmental problems, which calls for good cooperation between different academic disciplines.

To set an example, the world needs economic and mathematical insights into how economists and mathematicians can effectively manage biodiversity resources and determine the right dimension between use and conservation (sustainability). Scientists, engineers and technocrats must come up with new technologies, such as biomimetics and other biotechnological approaches, to keep endangered species in our environment. Artists need to intensify their sensitization campaigns through their well-designed communication design tools. Anthropologists, bodybuilders, and theologians must draw strong lessons from their cultures (norms, religious beliefs, values, ethics, laws) and strategize how to change people’s weak and / or bad behaviors to adapt to and influence their morals. to protect the nature where people serve as guardians or overseers, to engage in environmentally friendly activities. Historians should help us keep track of what went wrong as we rubbed the global environmental situation in the mud. This will help us to know for sure what is wrong and how we can change the wrong decisions that people have made in the past so that the past does not continue to haunt us. Agricultural experts need to develop and inform us strategies for improved agricultural practices that will not worsen the global environmental situation, but will nourish the soil, save habitats and improve the growth of plant species in the environment. Foresters, conservationists and wildlife experts need to show us practical measures to reduce the abuse of biodiversity in the environment. When applied, legal experts need to strategize how strict laws are enacted that are strong enough to prevent perpetrators of environmental violations from changing their attitudes, while also being a strong deterrent to others from taking their wrong steps.

Law enforcement agencies, military professionals, and police officers must ensure that environmental laws, rules, and regulations work to strengthen the implementation of declared environmental policies, strategies, and conventions.

The introductions of each area of ​​human activity, some of which are not mentioned here, but will play an equally important role in the collective cessation of global environmental problems, can provide the most beneficial results to save the environment, our homes and people’s hopes for survival. human generations. Undoubtedly, the global environmental situation calls for international cooperation between scientists from different fields of research, if there is any hope of providing a powerful weapon to get rid of the deplorable state of the global environment.